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Nick was of course very understanding and said to to worry, as, it is what it is. As it happens, Eliza was back to her pleasant self and was very well behaved! Wales is beautiful and the scenery was truly amazing. Our cottage was situated in Capel Bangor which was about a ten minute drive from Aberystwyth. We took a trip to Port Meirion and I felt like I had stepped into a Lana Del Rey music video. It had lots of charm and colour; I could certainly see it as a haven in the seventies! We had lunch by the sea in a hotel that had strong Wes Anderson vibes and then took a walk along the beach. Eliza loved the sea and it was refreshing to breathe in the sea air. Though I seem like a total tourist, I have discovered Welsh Cakes and they are quite delicious! So when in Port Meirion I picked up another pack..

Joe and I watched the TV show Hinterland, which is filmed in and around Aberystwyth. We did the Devil’s Bridge walk and had lunch at the Haford Hotel which features on the show! It was a tough walk with Eliza in tow (100 steps either side) but worth it as the views were amazing and we were able to get so close to the waterfall. We wandered around Aberystwyth and saw more Hinterland spots (total nerds). I did like Aberystwyth in a way, but it also felt eerily dead end. The coloured houses are very charming when the sun shines on them and the beach is peaceful. We ate at a really nice restaurant called Medina, where I had the best Coconut Martini.

Overall, it was much needed family time for us and it was also nice to spend some time with Nick, my closest friend. Aberystwyth gave me lots of writing inspiration and I managed to write three more poems for my PhD collection. It was helpful to get away from reality for a few days and the fresh air helped Eliza too. It reminded me that keeping on top of your health is important and helped focus my mind. Now we’re back, I’m on track with my work and having a more positive mindset about motherhood at this stage in life. As always it’s ebbs and flows.

Sweet Aberystwyth; sea bruised, wind battered, sun stained. Young lovers loiter.

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